September 27,2019  listed active $200,000
October 4,2019 Date of inspection property cleared with no apparent violations. POS Certificate valid until 10/4/2020.
October 14,2019  contingent
December 19,2019 Re-Listed
January 2,2020  Pending
January 21,2020 Buyer signed acknowledgment form  for escrow to transfer property.
January 28,2020 city cleared the property for transfer.
February 25,2020 property closed.
Notice the city responded within a
From January 8,2020 to February
13,2020 Fidelity had ample time to
have this document returned.
They could not because Princess
would have walked away from the deal.

How could  
Fidelity transfer the
property ?  Everyone is pointing fingers
the city states it was escrow,escrow
claims it was the Seller and Tanesha
claims it was the Seller.
All prospective Buyers falls on the
Buyers Agent;s  to have a copy sent
over by the Seller or request one form
Buyer signed a month before closing.
This Buyer was from Ohio.
Note that the POS for 2591
Lee Road was April 2019
and signed off as completed
December 30,2019 ,this
alone state the condition of
the property as there are
violations that were NOT
What happened the Sellers
had more work and the
comps would not support the
list price,so they needed to
dump it.