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Note and Business card
left by someone
claiming to be  Steve
Schneider with Howard
Hanna, Pepper Pike.

Hello Miss
I have read your website
& feel Bad for your
situation I have a Buyer
that would love the
opportunity to
have a conversation
with you. Pleas & thank
you with respect
Steve Sc

Neither Steve Schneider
or Howard Hanna has
responded to my email.

Response from Authority

"the activities you
describe below sound
like the actions of a
realtor attempting to
engage a property
owner about a possible
real estate transaction".
On 12/3/2020 these two persons, plus unknown person(s) inside a SUV  drove on

my driveway,parked near the side of my house, because my  cones were  down,

due to snow removal.  The vehicle had two plates, one on the front and one in the

front  window.  They went to the back door rung my doorbell peeking through the

window .  The person   placed his  masked on after  peeked into the back door and

saw the camera. The person will go to the front door and press  their face in the

window, this time wearing a mask.

Coincidently, after they left someone by the name of Marie A******* claiming she

saw my listing on Howard Hanna sent me an email. This property is only listed on

Zillow,YouTube  and this website ,For Sale By Owner.  In my opinion, this group

was sent to  allegedly trespass and harass me.   Check out the photos do you

know them?
11-29-2020 two old  men appeared to be

Caucasian, parked in my driveway,walked to the

rear of the  property then came back pointing at the

No  trespassing sign.  Apparently, they were sent to

see  what reaction I would have for  future   

trespassers or provoke  me to do harm to the men

that would lead to my arrest,

In my opinion ,this is not a coincidence, but a

message that   trespassing laws do not apply to my


Notice this person keeps
their right hand
in their pocket. They go to
the rear first to ring the bell.
Bold, we don't give a #@#@
about you,the occupants or
your signage. We gonna ring
your BELL! @#@#@!
. Yep looks like a camera.  
Probably one of those fake
cams from Walmart.
I think I see a
Person in front seat
with a bag of chips
two license plates,
Is this the look out
Check back later when the video post.
Broadcasting live on Lee Road!
The devil is
always busy!
In my opinion, all persons on this page were under the same direct

order to come onto my property with the understanding that no

criminal trespass charges will be filed upon them and to teach me a

lesson that I have no property rights in Cleveland Heights.
Walmart must have a sale on
these cameras they everywhere?
This time I have my mask on and I
am  not touching the glass.
What the #@#@#@ is that? Call
the Boss let them know we got
cams #@#@#@# everywhere!
Voice mail message from
on November 24,2020 @2:57p.m
this message was left after allegedly
being told to leave SEVEN times.