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Jenna & Jeremiah Johnson * JJ Real Estate Solutions ,Tanesha Speed  * Fidelity National Title
add fuel to the fire the Mobile Notary allegedly advised to decline the
Closing Protection.
Fidelity National Title has closed many homes in Cleveland Heights,the former Manager Lori O'hara knew or should have known the
Point of Sale and Acknowledgement was not included.  
The signed
 Acknowledgement form should have been returned to Cleveland Heights Inspection office before transfer.
Tanesha sold 3220 Rumson, Cleveland Heights , the Buyer signed the Acknowledgement form on January 21,2020, Cleveland
Heights Home Inspection, received a copy January 28,2020 from the Title Company, the property closed on February 25,2020.
For a $7000 commission Tanesha allegedly threw her Client under the bus, her ninth
biggest  career sale.  
She could have sold Princess a $250K house . What type of Agent do some %$#@% like this?

Proverbs 3:31KJV Envy not thy oppressor and choose none of his ways.
It did not take
Fidelity that long
to investigate
the claim, They
already knew
they were going
to deny the