These are my allegations and truthful events with  Jeremiah Johnson , JJ Real Estate Solutions,LLC. ET AL

Attention BUYERS, Jeremiah Johnson of JJ Real ESTATE SOLUTIONS,LLC is NOT a licensed Realtor. I would discover this AFTER

I purchased 2591 Lee Road.

On February 10,2020, I was performing my walk through with Tanesha Speed, when I entered the

basement,I saw  puddles of  water in the basement. After Tanesha refused to look at  the puddles in the basement, I terminated her

via email on  February, 10,2020 @ 1:32 p.m.. Approximately
21 minutes later @ 1:53 p.m. Jeremiah Johnson  left a voice mail and

texted  me.

I was under  the  impression that he was  a Realtor,overwhelmed with the matter, I did not check his status as a Realtor before

giving him my  email  address ,my lender's email address and allowing him to speak on a conference call with my lender.  

I continued with the purchase based on the Inspection,Appraised value $260K  and  Jeremiah stated, not verbatim,
They never knew

of ANY water seepage and willing to  pay for
 waterproofing,not to mention I was paying over a $1000 a week for food and lodging,

waiting on the  closing date which was supposed to be
02/20/2020. The closing was pushed to 02/11 then 02/14 giving the

Johnson's a  happy Valentine's day. If you notice the offer was $230K changed to $232K,escrow was
Sun Trust Title  changed to

Fidelity National Title  date was  02/20/2020 closed on 20/14 hence the Johnson's was running the whole show.

As this onion is being peeled ,tears will flow, because this is a crying shame, what went on and what is going on to this very day.  

If I would had seen the POS that was NOT in compliance ,November 2019, when I first saw this property; I would have walked away

from this house and Cleveland Heights,so everyone can thank  Tanesha Speed, Keller Williams for bringing me here to Cleveland

Heights. The POS was not in compliance until 12/30/2019, Tanesha Speed never opened her mouth to say otherwise.

On February 25,2020, when I picked up my copy of the POS inspection and Acknowledgement form I read on

page 4  #18
Find and Correct water seepage through  foundation wall ALL.  In hindsight,this was confirmation that I did not have a

copy of the POS,hence ,there would be no surprises during closing.

I want to thank again and again the Contractor, who gave me insight to the Point of Sale Inspection,without their input there is no

telling how long it would have been before I found out about the POS inspection. Truth be told, there was more than one Contractor

who informed me about the POS, one Contractor explained it in more detailed, where to get the copy and seek an attorney.

Generational wealth is stolen every and any time full disclosure is not given when buying real estate.  

After spending countless  hours on the phone with Tanesha Speed,in hindsight, I recalled she laughed all the time when we spoke

on the phone, now I know why she laughed .The same with the Inspectors everything was so funny to them. Over the past months, I

figured out why ev
erything was so  funny, to everyone except me. I will share some of our happy moments soon.

We are in the process of  uploading every single email, voice mail, text message and document  that transpired with this sale.


Ohio Registrar

Open Corporate