If you are buying property in Cleveland Heights and the Realtor or Seller do not disclose the Point of Sale to you before you make an offer, RUN!
If you are from out of state and the Agent do not want to video conference with you,Run! When Princess asked Tanesha to video chat, she claimed
the software was not working on her phone. In hindsight, the reason Tanesha would not video chat with Princess on the initial call Princess asked
Tanesha is that your current photo on Zillow. Tanesha replied it is recent within a year.
Hence , if Princess had the opportunity to video chat she would have dropped Tanesha for lying about the photo. Tanesha's social media pages show
years of her, as shown in the picture below. Hence, the photo on Zillow is at least five or more years old. As harmless as it appears ,this is deception.
Princess took this photo during the inspection,this is the first time Tanesha have seen Princess, it appears at that moment she was saying I mucked up
real bad but Jenna and Jeremiah got my back.

Cleveland Heights: Failure to Comply: Any person violating any provision of Chapter 1329 of the Housing Code will be guilty of a
misdemeanor of the first degree and shall be punished as provided in Section 1345.99 of the Housing Code of the Codified Ordinances.

As of October 30,2020 ,no person has been charged or found guilty of anything. It should be a felony due to the financial damages it causes
Ohio misdemeanor

The Buyers Agent, Tanesha Speed,Seller/ Owner/ Listing  Agent  Jenna Johnson and Jeremiah Johnson of JJ Real Estate
also felt it was not important to include in the closing documents, even though it is was their duty to submit all document to
escrow a
requirement to transfer the property.
Oddly enough, Tanesha had another property under contract in Cleveland Heights about the same time 3220 Rumson Road and
the Buyer signed their acknowledgement on January 21,2020. Cleveland Heights approved the transfer, January 28,2020.
This is public information. This is proof that Tanesha Speed allegedly and intentionally concealed the POS from Princess
an out of state Buyer. The Buyer of 3220 Rumson was a resident of Ohio. Sounds like differential treatment in the sale of a house.

On the same note Jenna and Jeremiah sold another property in Cleveland Heights without disclosing the POS
it so happened to be a few blocks from Princess house at
3139 E Derbyshire Road. Per public records you will notice a letter
of transfer happened between JJ Real Estate and the owner on 06/2019 there are no other transfers on public record
yet the property was sold
January 31,2020.  This property also had an excessive amount of repairs including water seepage.
Did JJ Real Estate use the same Title company,per Tanesha to Princess, JJ Real Estate will use Fidelity because they get
a discount because of the volume of business they send them.
From September 2019 passed inspection  to January 20, 2020 the property sit on the market with several price drops
because Buyer were armed with the POS. Noticed the  property went from pending to close in 11 days. Almost the same
happened with Princess house, JJ Real Estate paid $75K  for 3139 E Derbyshire sold for $187,146  with excessive repairs
then 2591 Lee Road for $100K sold for $232.5K. Per Princess, violations were checked off as completed,with copy of the
POS in her hand on February 25,2020 she was
able to see numerous violations that were not completed, for
example the huge pile of tree debris that was as tall and as wide as
the garage.

While Tanesha is not a construction engineer she too
saw the violations were not completed.
This is not a coincidence that both properties had a similar
sales record coming off the market , several price drops and quickly
sent to closing. Also the Realtors that brought JJ Real Estate the Agent  
had a history of few sales in his career. Tanesha has over 14 years
full time and never sold over $2.3M in a year.
Matt Maholine has sold five houses in 2020. Another coincidence,
City Inspector Joshua A  Williams signed off on
3139 E. Berkshire
and 2591 Lee Road the completion.
A pattern has been shown that JJ Real Estate
and Jenna Johnson sold at least two houses 01/31/2020 and
2/14/2020 without the acknowledgement form submitted to the
Title company or cleared by the city to transfer,per Cleveland
Heights this is a first degree misdemeanor.
For a misdemeanor
of the first degree, violators  are not to serve more than
six months in jail or pay more than $1,000 in fines.
Statute of Limitations is two years!

The reason why Realtors and Escrow can omit pertinent documents
from a Buyer's closing transactions is a known and
proven fact,the average Buyer do not have the time ,money and
resources  to pursue the matter
with any success. The homeowner is left with few choices,sell at a
loss,allow foreclosure to run its course,repair and hope to sell
at a profit or live with the fact they were duped.

Some may say get a lawyer and sue their a@@. Good luck finding
one that don't have a conflict of interest or charge you a fortune to
retain their services.

The Sellers and Escrow allegedly did not
disclose the POS at closing.  Everyone was paid ,
going on about their lives without a care in the
world .
The sad part is Princess was approved for $250K,Tanesha could
have told Jenna and Jeremiah that her Buyer found something else.
Here again,Tanesha failed to protect her Client's best interest.
If Princess would have had a copy of the POS during the inspection
she could have seen many violations incompleted and walked away
from this deal.

It all makes sense why Princess closing date was pushed up from
2-20-2020 to 2-11-2020 then 2-13-2020.  They did not want Princess
to stumble upon any information about the Point of Sale.  

Maybe Tanesha wanted to be like Jenna. Check out Jenna's 4 year
sales and Tanesha's 13 year sales.  In her fourth year
Jenna sold
over $5M in 2020.
Tanshea's highest career year $2.3M. Also note
Tanesha claims to be a full time Realtor with a MBA,hence
Tanesha Speed,MBA,maybe it stands for
MOST Bull@@@@ting Agent.

Maybe next time when a client request a video chat Tanesha Speed
will make the video call. Because if she would have video chatted with
Princess in California ,she would have seen, that Princess is not to
be taken lightly when it comes to her money.
Princess is preparing for court ,all documents and evidence will be
posted for public viewing.

To all future home Buyers especially
out of state Buyers looking to buy properties
in Cleveland Heights avoid this nightmare
ask your Agent for the Point Of Sales  or request
a copy from
216-291-5900 .

This has been a half a million dollar lesson, learned!
Joel 2:9
“They shall run to and
fro in the city; they shall
run upon the wall, they
shall climb up upon the
houses; they shall enter
in at the windows like a

Proverbs 29:16
“When the wicked are
increaseth: but the
righteous shall see their