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Complaints filed for renting or purchasing a home.

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Seller,Realtors and Escrow allegedly concealed  Point Of Sale Inspection  prior to purchase and closing, from Woman of Color in  a Cleveland Heights
property purchase  that had  excessive repairs.
Authority claimed there was not enough evidence to convict at this time-

Caucasian Realtor was asked to leave seven times  from   property owned by Woman of Color in Cleveland Heights
Authority claimed the Realtor was attempting to engage the property Owner about a possible real estate transaction.

Two diffrent Board of Realtors found  no ethical violations with Realtors not disclosing the Point of Sale in Cleveland Heights to a Woman of Color.
Both cases

Realtor also Seller/Onwner  of Cleveland Heights property allegedly  conspired with others to dump excessive repairs   on Woman of Color.

Realtor of Color allegedly lured Woman of Color to Cleveland Heights from out of state without disclosing Point of Sale


Department of Justice  U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Ohio

Akron man indicted for using a fraudulent Social Security number and falsely overstating his income to obtain $300,000 mortgage.

Toledo-area men sentenced to nine and seven years in prison for stealing more than $1.1 million through fraudulent loan-modification scheme

Two who worked in Toledo real estate sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for $1.5 million bank fraud  conspiracy

Macedonia man who defrauded elderly people out of nearly $575,000 sentenced to more than six years in prison

Massillon woman charged with defrauding banks out of $2 million

Former Youngstown man sentenced to more than three years in prison for bank fraud involving Mahoning County homes

AUSA Mark Bennett honored for prosecuting mortgage-fraud cases

Eight People Indicted For $40 Million Mortgage Fraud

Mansfield Man Found Guilty Of Role In $1.3 Million Mortgage Fraud

Pair Indicted for $2.1 Million Mortgage Fraud Involving Westlake Home

Cleveland Man Sentenced To Four Years In Prison For Mortgage Fraud, Other Crimes

Five Indicted For $4.1 Million Mortgage Fraud Involving Homes In Medina And Gates Mills

Strongsville Real Estate Agent Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Mortgage Fraud Involving Medina Properties

Akron Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Leading Mortgage Fraud Scheme That Resulted In $36 Million Loss

North Royalton man sentenced to nearly three years in prison for mortgage-relief scam

Akron Man Sentenced To More Than Three Years In Prison, Ordered To Pay $15 Million In Restitution For Mortgage Schemes

U.S. Bank To Pay $200 Million To Resolve Alleged FHA Mortgage Lending Violations

Cleveland man indicted for fraud over $1.2 million purchase of Richfield home

Trio Convicted Of $1.4 Million Fraud Conspiracy

Michigan Woman Charged With Wire Fraud

Cleveland Woman Charged With Six Counts Of Wire Fraud

Pair who worked in Toledo real estate business indicted for $1.5 million conspiracy

Toledo woman charged for home loan-modification scheme

Former Youngstown resident indicted for fraudulent purchase of a dozen homes in Mahoning County

Fairlawn Man Sentenced To Three Years In Prison, Ordered To Pay $14 Milllion

Steven Hinz Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison, Ordered To Pay More Than $500,000
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